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Our philosophy

Our world is human,
Throughout the centuries the most important human moments are associated with exactly those symbols of goodness, of the mature aesthetics that the jewelry represents, as well as the metal from which it is created.

Continuing in the footsteps of the Greek tradition and drawing inspiration from the diversity of nature
and of our cultural heritage we create unique pieces, with the sole purpose of elegantly imprinting the idea on metal.
We highlight the idea through the combination of valuable materials and these through our creations.

Designing with the aim of finding expression in one of our creations, your own feeling, we welcome you.



Stavros Dragatakis was born in Athens in 1980. He is the third generation of the well-known goldsmith family.

He became a man among the creations of high jewelry making, employing corresponding forms, images and shapes.


Creating a unique relationship with the object he studied jewelry design completing in 1999
and continued his practical training in the following years alongside leading craftsmen such as his father. Being the last link of the half-century family chain, and having added to its assets collaborations
with some of the greatest Greek artists he continues to create pieces of high aesthetics.

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