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A unique fine hand made piece of artisan jewelry, inspired one of the most distinctive Ancient Symbols, the "Evil Eye".
The evil eye is a very powerful symbol found in almost every ancient civilization,  it is believed to bring good luck, fortune, and protect the one wearing it from negative energy or any ill-will.
The most known color is the blue evil eye.
Hand-forged solid yellow 14k gold motif and hand placed blue and yellow enamel makes a stunning charm artisan necklace catching gently everyone's attention. Appropriate either for everyday or formal looks.
This necklace is perfect to wear as everyday jewelry or combined layered with other necklaces.

Artisan Evil Eye

  • Product info

    * solid 14k yellow gold
    * Chain length 40cm
    * Motif length 2,0 cm
    *  hand placed enamel. 
    *  organic shape
    *  Finish: polished.

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