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Handmade, Very detailed round pendant inspired by the "Valdaro Lovers" a pair of human skeletons approximately 6,000 years old.

They were buried face to face with their arms around each other, in a position reminiscent of a "lovers' embrace" inspiring us and reminding us true love is eternal.

On the back of the pendant we have engraved the Triquetra, a centuries-old Celtic symbol that beautifully symbolizes eternity and interconnectedness, the phrase "Memento Mori"

and "Eternal Love".

Memento mori is kind of a mindset that you take on to make the best out of anything that happens.

To treat each and every moment as something to be embraced.

Very delicately handcrafted polished and oxidized sterling silver pendant with a 50 cm link silver chain.

Unisex Gift - looks super cool on both women and men.

Eternal love necklace

  • Product info

    * solid sterling silver 925

    * Sterling silver chain 50cm

    * Height 2.2 cm

    * handmade sterling silver

    * Finish: Polished. Available in matte finish upon request

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