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inspired from the distinctive sculpture featured in the Louvre museum "Cupid and Psyche" the Greek god Eros) Canova took his inspiration from a legend recounted by Latin author Apuleius in the "Metamorphoses".At the close of the tale, the gods decide in council to grant Cupid Psyche’s hand in marriage, according to her immortality and making her the goddess of the Soul.

A big modern handcrafted curved-shaped pendant with a long black cotton cord.
The perfect piece to declare your love, suitable for everyday wear or for dressed-up occasions!
Ideal St. Valentine's day gift if you want to make an impression on that special someone or just the perfect gift for yourself!

" Eros " pendant

  • Product info

    * solid sterling silver 925
    * Cotton cord 60cm
    * Height 4 cm
    * handmade sterling silver
    * organic shape
    * Finish: Polished. Available in matte finish upon request

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