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The knot of Hercules or marriage-knot or a strong knot created by two intertwined ropes is best known for its use in ancient Greece and Rome as a protective amulet, most notably as a wedding symbol, incorporated into the protective girdles worn by brides.

Also refer as Infinity Knot ,Reef Knot, Double Knot ,Love Knot, square knot or love knot.

A beautiful solid 18K gold fine Knot wraps around your finger.
Formed by hand this piece is so comfortable it will be a permanent strap around your finger!
A fine jewelry piece timeless and minimal, comfortable and very impressive ability to stand alone or be combined to match your style.
Perfect gift for you or the ones you love.

Infinity Knot Gold Ring

  • Product Info

    * solid 18k yellow gold  
    *  handmade 18k gold 
    *  organic shape
    *  Finish: polished. Available in matte finish upon request 

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