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is a 16-pointed Sun, the 4 rays represent the 4 elements: Earth-Water-Fire-Air, the other 12 rays represent the 12 Gods of Olympus. It was widely used by the Ancient Greeks and became famous because of the Macedonians who were using it as a symbol of the Argead Dynasty-the Royal house of the Macedon. The sun of Vergina symbolized purity-virginity, the Goddess Athena was a Virgin so the sun was often associated with her
A unisex statement pendant is suitable for everyday wear or in dressed up occasions!

Sun of Vergina Pendant

  • Product info

    * solid sterling silver 925
    * Cotton cord 60cm
    * Diameter 2,9 cm
    *  handmade sterling silver 
    *  organic shape
    *  Finish: Matte, Available in polish finish upon request

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